The BLOCKCURTAIN FIRE CURTAINS are designed for the subdivision of buildings in case of fire.
The fire curtain is a tested and certified fire product in compliance with European regulations, it comes into operation automatically at the alarm signal, isolating the individual areas of a building and preventing the spread of fire.
This solution is mainly used in commercial and public buildings, and is able to guarantee safety, reliability and aesthetics, with a single product.
Fire curtains are available in different fire resistance classes:

  • BLOCKCURTAIN E120, Fire curtains that ensure integrity to fire and hot smoke control, tested at 1000°C for 120 minutes (E performance)
  • BLOCKCURTAIN EW60/90 tested to guarantee the integrity and radiation performances up to 1000°C for 120 minutes and low heat radiation for 60 minutes.
  • BLOCKCURTAIN EI60/120 gtested to guarantee the integrity up to 1000°C for 60 and 120 minutes and thermic insulation for 60 and 120 minutes (I performance)


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