Blackfire® is a trademark of Conegliano Group srl leading company in the sector of industrial and civil security locks.
fire protection leader

Blackfire®, a Conegliano Group brand, has the strategic goal to become of one of the main suppliers of fire and smoke passive protection systems in Italy, and throughout the European market.
The strategy consists in improving its business model, aimed at offering customer services and a range of products that meets every need.
Blackfire is a fire protection system supplier: the Company commitment is to guarantee a dominant position by ensuring a high quality products, in line with the strict technical and regulatory requirements and enhancing the efficiency of its distribution network.
Blackfire, in times of increasing globalization and market needs, is able to offer solutions that guarantee complete fire protection of buildings and integrated systems. The commitment of technical and commercial collaborators, dedicated exclusively to this line of products, allows the Company to collaborate effectively with the customers designers and entrepreneurs, and to propose to them as a real trusted partner.

“ …in these last two years we have created new products, able to respond to the change of the request by the market. We have created new patents for technological and avant-garde solutions, that allow us to establish ourselves against our competitors. We work in partnership with foreign companies, with whom we have signed strong partnerships to confront ourselves on the European market. All this because in our DNA there is the desire to build something to leave to our children“
Sandra Marcon – CEO