Fire resisting roller shutter

ei 60 -EI 120

BLOCKSHUTTER EI 120 is a fire resisting roller shutter designed for fire protection with durability and reliability. It is used as a compartmentalization product tested to guarantee integrity (E performance) and thermic insulation (I performance) for 120 minutes. The mantle is composed of horizontal galvanized steel slats H. 110 mm, thickness 50 mm and weight 42 Kg/mq. The slats are made of three layers of highly performing silicate material that guarantee (after 2 hours) a temperature detected lower than 90°C on the opposite/not exposed side (I performance). Our fire shutters have the purpose of protecting people and materials in the vicinity from the heat shock caused by the fire. It is suitable for various installations in commercial and industrial buildings including department stores, shopping centres, warehouses, factories, and car parks. It can be used daily with dead-man opening and closing. BLOCKSHUTTER EI 120 has been tested to EN 16034 for fire resistance and certified wind load CLASS 2 according to EN 13241-1. The product is CE marked.
All products are covered by harmonised standards.
Blackfire as a manufacturer provides a DOP (Declaration of Performance) and applies the label with CE mark on the product when placing it on the market.
Products fulfil all requirements for the European market and are certified in accordance with the valid standards EN 16034:2014 and EN 13241+A2:2016.
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