EI60 - EI120
Fire curtain

EI 60 – EI 120

The fire curtains BLOCKCURTAIN EI 60/ EI 120 are tested to guarantee on both sides: system integrity tested at 1000 °C for 60 or 120 minutes (E performance) and thermic insulation for 60 or 120 minutes (I performance). The thermic insulation performance on the unexposed side guarantees a limit average temperature of 140 °C tested for 60 or 120 minutes. BLOCKCURTAIN EI60/ EI120 are mobile and partially flexible fire curtains, made in one module (no overlaps), normally wrapped and supply inside the head box made of galvanized steel, 1.2 mm thick, dimension starting from 250 x 250 mm. The fabric is composed of multiple layers of fibre glass, reinforced with steel cables, covered with polyurethane material. BLOCKCURTAIN EI 60 has a weight of 6kg/mq and a thickness of 10 mm BLOCKCURTAIN EI 120 has a weight of 9kg/mq and a thickness of 20 mm A counterweigh is integrated inside the fabric on the bottom of the curtain to help the fabric to be more tensioned and avoid also the fabric curling.
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