EW 60/90
Fire curtain

EW 60/90

The fire curtains BLOCURTAIN EW60/90 are tested to guarantee the integrity at 1000°C for 120 minutes (E performance) and resistance to hot radiation for 60/90 minutes (W performance). BLOCKCURTAIN EW60/90 are mobile and partially flexible fire curtains, realized in one module (no overlaps), normally wrapped and supplied inside a head box made in galvanized steel 1,2 mm thick with the dimensions starting from W. 220 x H. 220 mm. The fabric is made of fibre glass reinforced with steel cables, covered on both sides with polyurethane material and has a weight of 1.120 g/mq. A bottom bar with counterweight 50 mm width, helps the curtain to be held in tension once in fire position (open); its weight is calculated proportionally to the curtain’s dimensions. The bottom bar is coated RAL 9010 (standard supply).


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